Oct 6, 2012

Great Quotes About Life

Great Quotes About Life

Modesty averts mistakes. Wisdom avoids errors. Repentance rids you of transgressions. Stepping back prevents demerits.

When all is going well, plan for hard times. When hard times come, you will find a way out of your distress.

We can't stop time, but we can discover impermanence. We can't chase the sun, but we can discover the cosmos.

Tell the truth, but don't embarrass others with indiscreet speech. Always make a plan, but don't spoil the outcome with reckless action.

By accepting wise counsel, you can succeed. Being persistent, you will succeed.

To keep strong, remember your initial purpose. To keep calm, forget grudges. Transcend gain and loss. Cultivate your virtue by despising empty glory.

Make worthy friends to improve your conduct. Emulate the wise to achieve success.

A great ocean does not rebuff streams. A high mountain does not reject boulders. A wise man learns even from the mediocre. A great man does not  conceal his mistakes.

Courtesy to the wise and scholarly brings a leader success. Jealousy of the wise and virtuous brings a leader  failure.

To see right, eyes must look past illusion. 
To hear right, ears must listen with care.
To speak right, mouth must tell no lies.
To do right, hands must shun evil.
To walk right, feet must find the path.
To think right, mind must discern the truth.

Selfishness provokes war. Hatred rouses generations of calamity. Sympathy conveys warmth. Attentiveness brings progress.

There is only progress, not absolute success. Only the truth is absolutely just.

Determination to succeed brings good fortune. Courage to fail brings hope of success.

If you wish to be first, learn to be second. If you wish to be boss, learn how to labor.

To get along, know right from wrong bot don't fret over gain and loss. In business, be concerned about gain and loss but don't fret about gossip.

Strive for your goal and don't be impatient. Have a strong will but don't show off.

Before speaking, should you say it? 
Before acting, should you do it?

A bad manager loses his workers. A bad worker loses his job.

Bullying the weak is shameful. Solving conflicts is praiseworthy.

Great people help others achieve greatly. Mean people hold others back.

The key to success is persistence. The key to success is awareness of causes and conditions.